As discussed in one of our previous articles, autistic girls think differently from autistic boys. Autistic girls therefore like different types of toys and play activities.

This post summarizes the types of toys you should look for when shopping for the autistic girl in your life. To learn more about the special needs and talents of autistic girls please read our post on Great Books for Parents of Autistic Girls.

Types of Toys Appropriate For Autistic Girls

Although many toys appropriate for autistic boys would work for girls as well, autism experts suggest that the following types of toys and entertainment are good choices for girls:

  • Toys that promote imaginative pretend-play activities, especially if such activities can be played with others
  • Toys that incorporate music and dancing
  • Books!–fantasy books, books aimed at young girls such as the Babysitters series, etc.
  • Art toys, such as
  • Music composition toys, such as

The following sections give specific examples of toys that fit each of these categories.
Pretend-Play Toys

  • Barbie
Music and Dancing Toys
Art Toys
Music Composition Toys
  • Neurosmith’s Music Blocks (Available from Amazon)


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